Fanuc l & Fanuc m is the cnc program for lathe and milling machine respectively. This program would be use for program a lathe or milling operation. And also useful for students who are studying cnc programs. These program are designed to be run in windows xp and vista. But today we are all not using xp or vista.


In this blog i will tell you how to run fanucl and fanucm in windows 7. You can download the zip file from here.

Methods for installing fanucl software on WIN 7 and WIN 8. the “fanucl” folder in “local disk c” install “dosbox”. open “dosbox” and type “mount c c:\fanucl” and press enter
4.and type “c:” and press enter.
5.and type “fanucl”
6.and now the fanucl will open and u can use.

then you cant use function keys like f2, f3, f9 etc. without this function keys you cant work with the software.
to solve this…
1.while the computer power on press “esc” button and press “f10” u will c the bios setup. navigate to “system configuration” and move “action keys” option “action keys” option change it to “disabled”
5.then save and exit. your fn keys will not work and u can work in fanucl software.

but how to use fn keys… brightness, volume up,down, mute…
to use these keys press and hold “fn” button and any key to want use like brightness, volume up,down…

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